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Research and development,

medical/technical and ecological products, import/export.

We are glad about your visit. Take your time to look around, contact us if you have any questions, or decide directly on one of our offers.

Our other current activities or projects:
We produce and sell worldwide our Olive oil from Greece: 

edible vegan Straws for Drinks: 
On request:
- Delistraws flag
Detect drugs in Drinks with our Straws in 8 Seconds.

Our company is now, in addition to Generics, also able to produce a wide range of pharmaceutical natural plant extracts used in the production of nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

- LOAD BY DRIVE (e.Mobiles)
is one of our new Patents.

Rescue Systems in Pools

- recycle system for old tires and plastic waste 

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On our FAQ/IMPRINT page, you will also find LINKS to our other websites!

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