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The information given is always subject to change and is not binding due to fast sales.

What we do here, and offer:
>>Medical devices cover a wide range of products used for different purposes in healthcare. Product variants that are considered medical devices include:

- *Diagnostic devices*: such as blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes.
- *Surgical instruments*: including scalpels and clamps.
- *Intensive care devices*: such as ventilators and infusion pumps.
- *Implants*: such as artificial joints and pacemakers.
- *Sterilisation devices*: for cleaning medical instruments.
- *Dressings*: such as plasters and compresses.
- *Aids*: such as wheelchairs and walking aids.
- *Surgical supplies*: such as surgical gloves and sutures.

These products can be further divided into categories containing several subclasses⁵. There are also non-invasive products, minimally invasive products that are inserted into body orifices, reusable surgical instruments, and dressings for external barrier or absorption of exudates⁴.
In addition: the production of generics, and access to vaccines. >>
"We do not offer organ trafficking!"
Medication sale only to authorized buyers.

>>Available now:

in 1mg Pens, or in a pack of 3 Pens.
In the languages: German, English, Arabic.
Other on request.
MOQ: 500 Pens
Ask for the daily price
Delivery worldwide

> BCG vaccine registered for Africa, Asia, Middle East, ex-Russian countries 
Ask for the daily price.
MOQ: 250 000 Doses

> Dengue vaccine from Takeda Qudenga,
400 000 doses from Takeda Japan, only for purchase by the government/authority, etc. e.g. Brazil or other countries/areas such as West Africa where the disease is common.
> Ask for the daily price
Payment: 30% with PO and 70% before unloading at the recipient port - after inspection of the goods by SGS or customs.
The actual available quantity must be queried daily

>>special Brands/Types we offer_
- Kelo Cote
- Dermatix
- Strataderm
- Fillmed GR Youth Mask
- Fillmed Silicone Scar Gel
- Profhilo
- Arkopharma
- Somatolin
- Botox
- Abbott Ensure Gold, Elecare, Alimentum infant milk powder
- Aptamil infant formula 800g, 1200g
- Aptamil Profutura infant formula 800g
- Mellin Camomile and Milk Powder
- Nestle powdered milk Nidina
- Ditrevit
- Humana milk powder
- Fillmed (NCTF135ha, MHA10, MHA18, nanosoft, GR Youth Mask, Scar Gel etc)
- Sinclair (Ellanse, Perfectha, Silhouette).

- Disposable branded medical products: Merit, Cordis, St Jude, Medtronic, Covidien, BD, Bard, BBraun, Coloplast, Convatec, Carefusion, Cardinal Health, Kendall, Oxisensor, Abbott (test strips and supplements), BSN, Essity, Fillmed, Sinclair, Nutricia, Hartmann, AngioDynamics.

>>Our company is now, in addition to Generics, also able to produce a wide range of pharmaceutical natural plant extracts used in the production of nutritional supplements and cosmetics.
The natural plant extracts are:
Ivy leaf extract
Guava leaf extract
Anise flower extract
Fennel flower extract
Cumin seed extract
Flaxseed extract
Menthe leaf extract Olive oil extract Canabioidectract
and much more as liquid or powder..!
There are more and more natural plant extracts in addition to those mentioned above
You can determine your requirements and specifications for the final extract and let us know. Please note, that we only produce for wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies. Of course, we comply with the respective legal country-specific requirements.

>>Current order acceptance for:
SWAPIOD (PotassiumIodide Tablets USP, 130mg) (AbbreviatedKI)
Take potassium iodide (KI) only when public officials tell you. In a nuclear radiation emergency, radioactive iodine could be released into the air. KI protects only the thyroid gland from the uptake of radioactive iodine. Therefore, KI should be used along with other emergency measures that will be recommended to you by public officials. If you are told to take this medicine, take it 1 time every 24 hours. Do not take it more often. More KI will not help you. Too much KI may increase the chances of side effects. Do not take this medicine if you know you are allergic to iodine (seaside EFFECTS below). DESCRIPTION Each white, round, cross-scored—the name SWAPIOD stamped on one side—tablet contains 130 mg of potassium iodide.
INDICATIONS SWAPIOD (Potassium iodide tablet, USP)is a thyroid-blocking medicine that is used in a nuclear radiation emergency only.

Price:                       Ask for the daily Price
MOQ:                      500 000 tablets - Production possible immediately
Delivery time:     20 days (for MOQ)
Payment terms: 
1. Confirmed Purchase order,
2. Payment of 50 percent Swift copy.
3. Once it is received we will start manufacturing.
4. once stock is completed we will update prior a week and we can confirm the availability dates for exporting 
5. then the balance amount will be transferred.
6. It will send for the customs and export process and will provide AWB or Shipping Bill.
>Lawyer to lawyer for settlement possible.<


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