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Green Hills

Systems that recycle used tires

and plastic waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Our machine, the "Mangiapneumatico", offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for cities, industries, and communities to efficiently recycle waste and recover valuable resources. Processing old tires and plastic in an environmentally friendly way creates high-quality products such as fuel, such as diesel, carbon, steel, syngas, and sulfur.

The fuel or gases generated can be converted into electrical power as needed, creating a versatile energy source. This electrical energy can be temporarily stored in special containers and is powerful enough to power around 30 households. This enables effective use of recycled resources for local energy needs.

Another advantage of our machine is its flexibility. Upon request, it can be used as a mobile unit, allowing it to be used worldwide. This makes the "Mangiapneumatico" an innovative solution for communities and industries looking for sustainable ways to convert waste products into valuable energy resources while reducing environmental impact.

Our Service:
Efficiency assessment for the desired location, i.e. assessment of the performance there - investment expenditure - examination of possible subsidies from state, European, or World Bank institutions.

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