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The world is subject to constant change. This sometimes requires a quick reaction in trade offers. 
We want to provide an opportunity for this here. We will gladly accept your offers by

We thank you for your cooperation!
Need that must have sold out item? On the hunt for a past collection piece?
Looking for something that’s not on our website?
No more ringing around, searching through endless shops, or browsing hundreds of websites. 

Our ability to gain access to items with high demand and painfully low supply is an advantage that continually rewards our clients with not only the items that they most desire but also with confidence in our ability and integrity to keep them coming back to utilize our services time and again.
Let our expert team do the hard work for you.
"forsam-trade" is a division of "forsam development germany Ltd."

Our olive oils can be exported to almost every country in the world and of course also to the USA and can be sold there.
Some olive oils are already available on the American market.

We offer olive oils from various European countries:

- From Greece: Kalamata Gold, 1000 years of tradition and quality,
as well as our own brand:

Stavrakis- olive oil, from the heart of Crete, with the highest proportions of healthy ingredients and pure taste,

as well as From Italy and Spain:
- Picual olive oil is the typical oil variety from Jaén. It is the most common and possibly best-known variety in all of Spain.
- Arbequina olive oil is typical of the provinces of Lérida and Tarragona. In recent years, however, cultivation has spread throughout Spain, especially in Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha.
- The Hojiblanca olive variety is typical of central Andalusia and extends mainly from the north of the province of Malaga, through the south of the province of Córdoba, to the east of the province of Seville. It is also called Lucentina because its origin is associated with the town of Lucena in the province of Córdoba.
- The Manzanilla olive variety is grown mainly in the provinces of Seville and Huelva (where it is known as "manzanilla sevillana olive") and in Extremadura (where it is known as "alvellanina" or "manzanilla cacereña olive").
Frantoio olive oil
- The Frantoio olive oil variety, which comes from the Italian region of Tuscany.


Simply contact us with your requests by email:

Are you a wholesaler or do you already run your own shops or supermarkets? Why don't you have your own label on your products yet?

This option is already included in the price of these 25 tons of high-quality olive oil from Greece.

We support you worldwide in protecting your label or your company.

We also help with the contactless start-up of your new company for your new brand.

Seize your chance in 2024

Edible straws/spoons/forks and many more      NEW:   Everything we offer here you can simply eat after use. Delicious, vegan, nothing ends up in the rubbish! People are not deprived of food. We don't use plastic that pollutes the environment. Our products are available in large quantities for your next big international event, hotel, or supermarket you manage. spoons - lids - forks - and more

You can commission us with confidence and free of charge
(NCNDA required) when looking for:
- raw phosphate
- raw manganese
- raw gold
- silicon
- iron ore
- gravel sand or concrete sand
- very fine copper powders, nano range.
- natural plant extracts
- production of branded clothing such as PRADA, HUGO BOSS, LEVI`S, and many others as well as inexpensive clothing options directly from the manufacturer in large quantities.
- other networks available.

When the contract is concluded, we are included in the commission structure.
Other intermediaries can be accepted if they are named to an IMFPA.
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