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The world is subject to constant change. This sometimes requires a quick reaction in trade offers. 
We want to provide an opportunity for this here. We will gladly accept your offers by

We thank you for your cooperation!
Need that must have sold out item? On the hunt for a past collection piece?
Looking for something that’s not on our website?
No more ringing around, searching through endless shops, or browsing hundreds of websites. 

Our ability to gain access to items with high demand and painfully low supply is an advantage that continually rewards our clients with not only the items that they most desire but also with confidence in our ability and integrity to keep them coming back to utilize our services time and again.
Let our expert team do the hard work for you.
"forsam-trade" is a division of "forsam development germany Ltd."

KALAMATA GOLD, extra virgin olive oil. (ultra 0.2 premium) Made in Greece. All canisters are printed in multiple languages.

MOQ: 1 pallet

Immediately available: 4103 L - packed in 3-liter canisters, 6 pallets 1 box = 6x3 liters 38 boxes = 1 pallet 684 liters = 1 pallet Price: on request, per liter

Immediately available: 23400 L - packed in 5-liter containers = 30 pallets 1 box = 4x5 liters 39 boxes = 1 pallet = 780 liters 30 pallets = 1 truck 23,400 liters = 1 truck Price:  on request, per liter

Use by date: November 20, 2026,


From April 14th we expect 10 pallets with 1-liter canisters 1 box = 12 x 1 liter 72 boxes = 1 pallet = 864 liters Price: on request, per liter

Additional 1-liter or 0.75-liter canisters are available on request.

Purchase with a 10% deposit for provision/reservation, or appointment by email, then goods inspection and direct purchase with payment on site possible near Vienna/Austria, or near Augsburg/Germany.

Further quantities, 2-3 trucks currently possible per week.


Immediately available supply of the highest quality cold-pressed olive oil in Greece: 25 tons, only possible to purchase in bulk.
Extra virgin olive oil harvest 2023-2024 – Price: €10.95/liter – CIF EU
                                                                   Price: €10.65/liter - collection
There are several packaging options to choose from:
Glass: 500ml/750ml. Plastic: 1l/1.5l. Canister: 5 liters


Are you a wholesaler or do you already run your own shops or supermarkets? Why don't you have your own label on your products yet?

This option is already included in the price of these 25 tons of high-quality olive oil from Greece.

We support you worldwide in protecting your label or your company.

We also help with the contactless start-up of your new company for your new brand.

Seize your chance in 2024

Edible straws/spoons/forks and many more      NEW:   Everything we offer here you can simply eat after use. Delicious, vegan, nothing ends up in the rubbish! People are not deprived of food. We don't use plastic that pollutes the environment. Our products are available in large quantities for your next big international event, hotel, or supermarket you manage. spoons - lids - forks - and more

 *💥 Whiskey varieties:

Whiskes Liste own.jpg

In cooperation with our contractual partners, we have all these whiskey varieties immediately available in our warehouse in Poland. The MOQ is 1 Palette/per Product.>>Processing: binding order by e-mail with your correct business data (also for intermediaries) - proforma invoice - transfer of a deposit (at least 10%, for reservation of the products), then appointment and collection with balance payment on site (cash/immediate transfer/credit card) at the warehouse in Warsaw/Poland, or internally. Shipment to any address against 50% prepayment (plus shipping costs). Balance of 50% payable at consignee's premises, due after inspection prior to the unloading of goods. Damaged items will be replaced or refunded free of charge.        


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